Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Easiest Floor to Maintain

epoxy flooring phoenix
Finding a flooring that will weather the elements and the greatest enemy of all, time, can be a difficult task. While regular concrete will hold up well enough, it can crack over time due to weather and weight. Furthermore, concrete loves to absorb chemicals and oils, forever immortalizing that one oil change you would like to forget. Other types of flooring like wood and linoleum simply are not easy to maintain.Wood especially can be nearly impossible to clean and an expensive flooring option to ruin. Fortunately, these standard options are not all that are available. A smooth, level and hard coated surface known as epoxy can be a great option for hard working floors. For homeowners and business who are interested in finding out more about the best epoxy flooring Phoenix has to offer contact Smart Systems Plus today for a quote on new and beautiful flooring.

Easy Maintenance

epoxy flooring maintenance
Here are just some of the reasons why maintaining epoxy flooring is so easy:
  • Resilience to Wear:The coating of epoxy floors is air tight. It is resistant to water, oil, automotive fluids, and all sorts of other compounds and chemicals. The smooth and seamless surface allows for easy movement for heavy objects while maintaining its brilliance. The resistant surface also makes cleaning up spills and other debris much easier that porous surfaces.
  • Flooring Never Fades: Epoxy flooring maintains a nice finish. With its smooth surface and brilliant coating, epoxy flooring looks seamless and professional. Epoxy floors require even surfaces to be laid properly. That means you can count on level space for items on rollers.
  • Epoxy Maintenance is More Affordable: When compared to other flooring options, maintaining and cleaning epoxy ends up being predominantly cheaper than the leading flooring. This is because epoxy coatings do not absorb chemicals and other surfactants like other flooring.
  • Sealed and Protected: Epoxy flooring covers, coats, and seals whatever floor (most likely concrete) is underneath it. In garages, epoxy coatings prevent water, oils, grease, and other stains from destroying the concrete. This keeps the mess where it can be eliminated. It also keeps the concrete from cracking under pressure from heavy objects or sudden and drastic changes in temperature.
  • Options for Appearance: With epoxy flooring, the colors to choose from are limited only by your imagination. Coloring can be mixed with epoxy for a custom look. Epoxy flooring can also showcase several different types of designs. Epoxy floors can be done in special patterns that help to hide dust and dirt until it is time to clean up.
  Epoxy flooring is a great option for functioning spaces that see a lot of wear and tear. Epoxy also allows for use of heavy equipment without fracturing. When heavy objects create chips in the flooring, epoxy can be placed to refinish the surface and make it look new again – a difficult task with many other flooring options. For residents or businesses looking for an epoxy garage floor coating in Phoenix, AZ, call Smart Systems Plus today for a quote and start seeing the difference in your workspace now.

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