Installing Epoxy Floors – What is Involved?

An increasingly popular flooring solution for homes and businesses is epoxy. This material requires very little to no maintenance and despite its good looks, it’s very versatile. Furthermore, epoxy flooring installation increases the overall value of your home, business, or property making it a great option when remodeling your space. There are three steps involved when installing epoxy floors. These include the preparation process, applying the epoxy, and letting it dry. All three are vital to having a floor that will look and perform well. To ensure the success of your flooring installation, it’s best to hire a professional in this industry who has several years of experience with epoxy flooring and to be prepared for how the process will work.

Prep the Space

Services providing an epoxy garage floor in Phoenix are rising in popularity for several reasons. They resist oil stains, are easy to clean, and can withstand hot climates, while still providing a beautiful and stylish finish for even outdoor and garage flooring.
However, when the space an epoxy floor will be installed on is not prepped correctly, it leads to complications since the epoxy will not sit right. Regardless of price, if the prep is not done correctly, the epoxy will chip and peel. This is in part why you want to bring in professionals. Here are the steps required to provide a truly clean and prepped space before epoxy flooring installation:

  • Scrape up all hardened debris using flat-edged shovel or special scraper
  • Vacuum floor for all loosened debris, dust and dirt
  • Use a bristle brush and special concrete cleaning solution to scrub up any grease or oil
  • Hose down the entire surface area where the new floor will be applied
  • Use a power scrubber with bristle brush and degreasing solution to clean entire floor, using a hand-held scrub brush to reach corners and walls connecting to the floor
  • Use a squeegee to congregate the soapy water in one place
  • Use a wet vac to remove the water and cleaning solution
  • Make acid-etching mix (gallon of water plus a mixture of 15 cups water + 12 oz. of 32% muriatic acid mixed into a watering can). Using a vapor respirator, use a paint stirrer to blend the mix.
  • Use power-scrubber or an acid brush with a long handle to scrub the area.
  • Once the entire floor has been scrubbed, rinse three times to remove the residue.
  • Allow the floor to dry overnight
As you can see, just preparing the floor for an effective epoxy installation is not only very labor intensive but is incredibly involved and potentially dangerous if not done properly with the right equipment. Our team knows how to prep your space to properly apply the epoxy and save clients money in the long run. If there is damage done to your floor that needs to be repaired, we will make you aware of it before continuing the process. Our main objective is to give you the most for your money and an epoxy floor that will last you a long time.

Apply the Epoxy

Once your space is ready, it’s time to apply the epoxy, which requires specific materials to ensure the proper setting of its chemical components. As the best epoxy flooring Phoenix provider, we take pride in being the right service for you. Our team of specialists are highly trained and well equipped with the proper tools and highest quality epoxy. We provide clients an epoxy floor with a high-class appearance and a long lifespan every time, guaranteed.

Let It Dry

After the epoxy is applied, all that is left is to allow it to dry. You will be amazed at how quickly it dries and how soon the new flooring adds a new quality to the room. While it may dry in a few hours, we suggest letting it sit overnight before stepping on it. This will give you the best results.

Thinking About Epoxy Flooring?

For more information on how this type of flooring can benefit to you, give us a call today. Finding a provider of quality epoxy garage floor coating in Phoenix, AZ is not easy. We offer several advantages when it comes down to epoxy flooring that many providers overlook. We understand what’s involved in the process of installing epoxy floors from top to bottom and work diligently to give our clients desired results. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about how we can help. We are passionate about what we do to give our clients the garage flooring they’ve always wanted. At Smart Systems Plus you can expect nothing less than quality work on all our services. A leading provider in the flooring industry, we are here to help revamp your home or business while increasing its overall value.

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