How Hard is It to Maintain Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?


Epoxy is a very popular, plastic-like substance used to surface mainly garages, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. It is usually applied over concrete in order to provide a smooth and durable surface that looks much cleaner and more sophisticated than simple concrete. Its durable nature makes it a very popular choice for garages. Yet you may be wondering if it is a difficult surface to maintain. The short answer is no, not really, but here are some tips that will help you to keep your epoxy garage floor in the best shape possible.

1.   Paper Towels

Even though it sounds remarkably simple, most small spills and messes can be cleaned up effectively with a paper towel or any other sort of soft cloth or rag. Epoxy floors do not stain easily if cleaned up quickly.

2.   Mop

More intense messes may require a mop to be utilized. A simple dust mop can be used for general maintenance, but if there is a major spill that needs to be cleaned up then a hard foam mop will do the trick. No fancy cleaners are needed, just hot water and ammonia will work wonders. Not much ammonia is even needed. Four to five ounces of ammonia for each gallon of water will be plenty to get the job done.


3.   Do Not Use Acidic Cleaners

Many types of commercial cleaners can leave a behind a residue on your epoxy flooring that may be even more difficult to deal with than the initial mess. Citrus cleaners as well as vinegar should especially be avoided.

4.   Place a Mousepad Under Kickstands

If you own a motorcycle or a bike that you keep in your garage it is a good idea to use a mousepad or some other sort of pad to soften the impact of your vehicle’s kickstand on your epoxy floor. Without anything to soften the blow kickstands can scratch or even leave indents on your floor.

5.   Use a Welcome Mat

Placing a mat on the ground near any entrance or exit to your garage will help to keep dirt and mud at bay. This will keep your epoxy floor in pristine clean condition longer than if all dirt is allowed to be tracked all over its surface.

Epoxy really isn’t terribly difficult to maintain, but if you find yourself having any issues with it or have any additional questions about any type of garage flooring in Phoenix please don’t hesitate to contact Smart Systems. We are your epoxy flooring in Phoenix experts. We specialize in all types of garage flooring as well as cabinets and organizational devices. Contact us today for your free quote so that we can help you get one step closer to that pristine, beautiful garage you’ve always dreamed of. Our epoxy services are reasonably priced, quickly installed, and expertly designed to fit your needs. Don’t let your garage remain drab and dirty for a second longer, call us today!

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