Can Moisture Cause Damage on Epoxy Flooring in Your Garage?

If you are considering installing epoxy flooring in your garage there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Many times, after the quality epoxy flooring is installed, it’s only a matter of time before it starts peeling or lifting. This is either a result of a poorly prepared surface or the accumulation of moisture. The main culprit to epoxy peeling is the concrete surface. There are chances that oil, water, or chemicals have been spilled on it, especially if it’s old. Since regular concrete is porous, it absorbs these liquids consequently adding moisture to the concrete. So, what happens when epoxy coating is laid on top of that moisture? The moisture becomes trapped. Because water vapor does not pass through the epoxy if there is moisture under the slab, hydrostatic pressure is created from the moisture becoming trapped under the coating. Consequently, the force caused is enough to lift the epoxy straight off the surface. If you notice that your slab is below grade on any side, it’s crucial that you test it for moisture before beginning. Efflorescence or dark spots on the floor are signs that you have a moisture issue.

How to Prevent Trapped Moisture

The best way you can prevent moisture from damaging your epoxy flooring is by removing all stains prior to proceeding with the epoxy floor coating. You can test the moisture level of your concrete floor by taping a small piece of plastic to the floor and leaving it there for 24 hours. When you remove the tape the next day, you will notice the amount of condensation or moisture on the underside of the item. After inspecting your floor for signs of moisture you have two options. If you don’t notice any moisture then you can proceed to the next step. However, if there’s a lot of condensation this means your floor is not ready for the epoxy coating. What we suggest you do next is seek the help of a professional as they will be able to discuss options with you. Be sure you hire a team of professionals that you can trust. Epoxy coating is a science and it requires proper installation to avoid running into problems down the road. When the coating is not applied correctly, bubbles may form on top of the coating resulting in another issue. To avoid installation problems, we suggest you seek the help of a reputable, experienced epoxy flooring provider.
If you have new concrete, there is nothing to worry about as long as it’s had proper time to cure. If the material is not fully cured, as mentioned before, the moisture will cause problems and you should seek help from experts.

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