Picking the Thickness of Epoxy Flooring – What You Need to Know

Epoxy flooring in Phoenix can be a great floor option for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. When you first get in the market looking to install epoxy floor, you will be faced with having to determine the thickness you will be needing. The thickness of this floor type can vary greatly, ranging from 0.01 inches to as thick as 1 cm. Smart Systems has been servicing Phoenix AZ for years and has accumulated a lot of valuable experience installing epoxy floors. Our expertly installed epoxy garage and industrial flooring provides a durable, easy to clean surface that can be finished in a variety of ways to suit the look you are going for. Request a quote from us today, or contact us if you have any questions regarding how thick your epoxy floor coating should be. Phoenix epoxy flooring can be tricky to fully understand if you aren’t an expert on epoxy, so here is some starting points to keep in mind when considering the thickness of epoxy flooring for your facility.

Thick Floor Coatings

image2 If your facility is severely damaged or heavily eroded, a thick epoxy coating may be in the cards for you. Due to the damage that has already been done to the floor, there needs to be a notable amount of floor preparation in order to ensure that the new epoxy will be able to achieve its maximum adhesion to your floor. The epoxy will need to be anchored deeply into the concrete. Thick epoxy is remarkably durable and is ideal for areas that get a ton of heavy traffic, even traffic that involves heavy equipment and machinery. A benefit of thicker epoxy is that it protects the concrete buried underneath from any scratches or potential damage. However, due to the added coatings of epoxy layers needed to achieve this thickness, the installation process will be longer than with a thin epoxy coating.

Thin Epoxy Coatings

A thin epoxy floor coat is begun with a paint system of a coat of primer followed by one to two coats of paint. The more coats of paint, the thicker the floor will be.Thin epoxy coatings are not thick enough to repair deeper damage to floors, and any scratches that are inflicted on a thin epoxy floor may result in the exposure of the concrete beneath it. A huge plus with this type of floor is that it is pretty customizable and can brighten up a work area while also making the floor significantly easier to clean. Thin epoxy sports an efficient installation process and time, which means that your business will lose as little time as possible waiting for the new floors to be installed. Epoxy floors, being durable, long lasting, and aesthetically appealing, are becoming an increasingly popular flooring option. Whether you need your floors to be dust free, skid resistant, or simply strong enough to withstand heavy equipment day in and day out, this could be the perfect floor for you.

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