Tired of Tire Marks Ruining the Appearance of your Garage?

If you have a garage, you’ve most likely experienced the troublesome fact of life that is the dark residue of tire marks. These tracks are hard to miss; after all, you use your garage every day, so a gross floor in there is difficult to ignore.Tire marks are the worst, especially if you had just put in a nice, new, shiny floor. Those ugly black tire prints can really put a damper on your new garage floor coating. It is completely understandable to want to protect your beautiful garage floor from those annoying tire stains, and the first step to preventing them is understanding what causes them.

What Causes Tire Marks in Your Garage

The unfortunate process that is the cause of these nasty marks on your garage floor epoxy is called plasticizer migration. The tire manufacturers utilize a combination of compounds of polymer to create plasticizers, which is the flexible rubber material. This compound has many benefits, including the ability to maintain traction in cold weather and remain flexible and soft.
When your car begins to warm up due to being driven, the tire compounds will relax in turn and begin to come out of the tire and latch onto your garage floor.Unfortunately, the higher quality the performance and seasonal capabilities of your tires, the more noticeable these marks tend to be. This is why if you have more than one car in your garage, you may notice that one may leave marks or stains while the other does not. This plasticizer migration process can also happen to cars that remain parked for extended periods of time, although this happens much more slowly. How easily do these marks appear on your floor? That depends, as different levels of epoxy floor coating quality are affected differently. A cheaper, lower quality garage floor will be more affected by these marks due to the weaker sealer strength and density. Overall, these marks are dirty looking and unattractive, which is why it is important to make sure your garage floor is doing everything it can to resist these stains.

Preventing Tire Marks on Your Garage Floor

Garage flooring can be quite easy to clean if you have the proper type of epoxy coating to protect it. At Smart Systems, our options for residential and commercial grade epoxy garage floor coating in Phoenix, Arizona have a greater cross linking as well as a higher density and a stronger sealer, making them much easier to clean than lower quality products. The higher density of the sealer prevents plasticizers from penetrating too deeply into the sealer.

How to Properly Clean Your Garage Floor

With the right Phoenix garage floor coatings, cleaning your floor should be a breeze. Another thing that really helps the cleanup process is getting to it as soon as you notice the marks. The best way to remove tire stains from your floor would be to first soak the marked area for at least a couple minutes using a concrete degreaser or a reputable cleaner. Once the area has soaked, you can use a stiff bristle brush (like a stiff bristle nylon brush) to begin removing the tire stains. Here are a few tips you should follow if you are cleaning your garage floor:
  • Avoid scrub pads as these can occasionally cause your finish to degloss
  • You may have to repeat the soak and scrub process, especially if the marks have been there for a while
  • If you park your car for a long period of time, park it over scraps of cardboard to prevent tire mark buildup
  • When all else fails and you still are unable to get the tire marks out of your floor, try a commercial product specifically designed for tire stain removal

How Smart Systems Plus Can Help

We offer several levels of garage epoxy flooring for Phoenix, AZ homes. These floorings include:
  • Solid Color
This is the most economical option, as it is the cheapest flooring and involves one coat of a base of self-priming epoxy that is chemical resistant. While it is the simplest option, it still does a solid job of protecting your garage floor.
  • Mid-Level
Using the same self-priming base as the solid color, the mid-level also incorporates a blend of vinyl chips that are sealed into the base using a clear urethane coat.
  • Premium
This four-level option is the strongest, most durable flooring option. At Smart Systems Plus, we aim to provide clients with the highest quality of products for epoxy garage floor in Phoenix at affordable prices.Contact us today for more information!

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